AdultFriendFinder Message Center

Welcome to the AdultFriendFinder messaging system! We hope that this page will address many of the questions you may have using the AdultFriendFinder messaging system.

  1. How do I read my AdultFriendFinder email?

    All incoming mail gets put in a folder called your "InBox". You can view it by clicking on the "InBox" icon on frame to the left. Once you get an email, just click on the listing in your InBox to view the contents of the email.

  2. How do I respond to my AdultFriendFinder email?

    First, view the email to which you want to respond. Next, you have a couple options:

    1. Click on the "Reply" icon - this will reply back to the person sending the email.
    2. Click on the "Delete" icon - this moves the email to the "trash" folder.
    3. Click on the "Previous" or the "Next" button - this allows you to read other messages in your box.
    4. Click on the "Close" icon - this closes the email.
    5. Click on the "view profile" icon.

  3. How do I send a new email?

    To send a new email, you must view the member's profile and use the email form at the bottom.

  4. How do I know if someone has read my email?

    You can receive an email confirmation when email you send to another AdultFriendFinder member has been read. If you choose this option, you will receive a message in your Message Center informing you when your email was opened by the recipient.

    To receive a confirmation on the email you're writing, simply check the option at the bottom of the email form when you're writing an email. You cannnot add a confirmation request to an email after it has been sent. Email confirmations cost 100 points each. The points are deducted only once the email is opened by the recipient.

  5. How do I move emails between folders?

    You can keep your emails organized by dividing them up into folders. By default, all incoming mail will be put in the InBox folder. You can move them around at anytime by selecting them from the folder list as well as choosing which folder to move them, then clicking on the "move" icon.

  6. What's a signature file?

    When you send out an email, you might want to put some text at the bottom telling people about AdultFriendFinder or just more about yourself. You can create a "Signature", under the "Signature" icon to the left of the screen.

  7. What is a filter?

    You can stop people from sending you emails through the Filters. When you want to block someone, put their username in the box and click "Add". This will stop all of their emails from reaching your InBox.

  8. How do I delete my AdultFriendFinder email account?

    Your email account is only deleted if you chose to remove your listing with AdultFriendFinder. If you would like to do so, click here.